Without Compromise

Let's take a journey.
Boundary Breaks is a place of variety, where not everything is related to wine.

At the northern and southern boundaries of the vineyard, glacial run-off thousands of years ago cut deep channels - “breaks” – in the landscape. Water still runs through these breaks. And these are the “breaks” on the vineyard “boundaries” that give Boundary Breaks its name.

The deep “breaks” at the northern and southern boundaries of the vineyard have their own type of vegetation and micro-climate. They resemble the condition of the land at the time the glacier receded, leaving behind the Finger Lakes.

The routes down into the break on the northern boundary of the vineyard follows a ridge down more than 100 feet to the stream below.

This ridge or “hogback” that leads up from the stream below is the primary route for wildlife, and was, we assume, also a primary route for the earliest inhabitants of the area.

Toward the end of the day, we have checked the amount of water flowing through the break and most of the fires from burning vineyard prunings have gone out.

Throughout this part of the Finger Lakes many private homes and municipal buildings in the 1800s were designed in the Greek Revival style. This architectural style evoked the Greek ideals of a representative democracy, which had been one of the inspiration for the American Revolution. Many of the soldiers that fought in the American Revolution and their descendants settled in the area.