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Top Five Rieslings Under $20.


Seneca Lake

Thank you, dear Glaciers, for carving such deep lakes.

Grapes will grow almost anywhere. But to make the finest wines, you need to choose the grape varieties that are suited to the climate of the region and to your vineyard location.

In the cool climate of the Finger Lakes, the best place to grow grapes is close to the lake. And the deeper the lake, the better.

Seneca Lake is the deepest of the eleven Finger Lakes in Central New York. Even though winter temperatures can fall below zero, Seneca Lake rarely freezes over. 

Because Seneca Lake is so large and deep, it moderates the weather conditions around its shores. Temperatures near shores of the lake during the winter are warmer than temperatures at higher elevation a short distance away.

The warmer temperatures near the shores of Seneca Lake create a more hospitable climate for grape vines planted there. This means grapes planted closer to the shore of the lake are likely to get riper during the short growing season.


Our First Love

We have committed ourselves to Riesling and Cabernet Franc. They are grape varieties that are perfect for the cool-climate of the Finger Lakes.

Why Riesling? Isn't it a "sweet wine?" And aren't sweet wines only for wine drinkers who don't know any better?

Rieslings come in all styles, from bone-dry to luscious dessert wines. We make all styles, and in each case, we are aiming to make the best version of that style that we can.

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Cabernet Franc is a classic "old world" grape variety. It is grown widely in Franc--both in Bordeaux and in the Loire River Valley.

It ripens well during the short growing season and also survives our cold winters. Like Riesling, Cab Franc is a food-friendly wine, pairing well with almost any foods.

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In a cool climate, ripeness is everything.

Made In The Made In The Vineyard

In the world of wine, winemakers normally get all the attention. Here in the cool climate of the Finger Lakes, we like to shower the attention on the team that manages the vineyard.

The climate and conditions in the Finger Lakes can be punishing. By "punishing," we mean that a season of persistent cool temperature can keep fruit from becoming fully ripe; or, that excessive moisture in September can cause mold to form on the grapes before they are ready to be picked.

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In either case, the result can be a harvest of under-ripe fruit. When fruit is under-ripe, its juice can be overly acidic and lack flavor (think of biting into an under-ripe peach.) Here at Boundary Breaks, we aim for “ripeness” and maximum “flavor.” 

Visit Us - Meet Them

When you visit the Finger Lakes, we would like you to get to know more than our wine.

Around us are friends and neighbors who make us glad we live here.

The Tasting Room

Allow us to introduce you to some of the Finger Lakes community. Maybe you will be lucky enough to meet them yourself.

without People

there is no wine

Owner Bruce Murray pouring wine for guests.

01 Bruce Murray

Bruce grew up in Central New York, not far from the Finger Lakes. Prior to returning to the region, he worked for more than 30 years in the publishing business. His work led him to travel extensively. In his early 50's, he concluded his roots were deepest in area where he had grown up. He and co-owner, Diana Lyttle, were married in 2017

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Owner Diana Lyttle checking grapes in the vineyard.

02 Diana Lyttle

Diana is a native of Syracuse, NY and taught high school science in New Milford, CT for 32 years prior to coming to Boundary Breaks. During her teaching career, she has taught Plant Science, Earth Science, Biology and Chemistry. She is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire with a joint degree in Botany and Plant Science. She and co-owner, Bruce Murray, were married in April, 2017.

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Jesse Kovnat joined the Boundary Breaks Vineyard team in 2017.

03 Jesse Kovnat
Vineyard Associate

Jesse joined Boundary Breaks in 2017 after moving to the Finger Lakes from New York City. Prior to joining the team, Jesse has worked for Heart & Hands Vineyards on Cayuga Lake. Prior to that he had many years of retail wine sales experience in NYC and also cellar work in Oregon. He lives with his wife Rosina, and daughter, Hana, in Trumansburg.

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Vineyard Manager Kees Stapel joined the Boundary Breaks team in 2010.

04 Kees Stapel
Vineyard Manager

Kees joined Boundary Breaks in 2010. He learned viticulture while working for eight years under Dave Wiemann, the Vineyard Manager at Sheldrake Point Vineyards. Kees lives in Lodi, a few miles from the vineyard, with his wife, Ronata, and their sons, Kees and Gavin.

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Vineyard Associate John Swick joined the Boundary Breaks team in 2011.

05 John Swick
Vineyard Associate

John is a native of Lodi and joined Boundary Breaks in 2011. John has shown a capacity for perseverance in the vineyard, in spite of the coldest or hottest weather. He is a devoted practitioner of mixed martial arts.

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