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Balance 03: What A Winemaker Says About "Balance"

Dave Breeden, head winemaker at Sheldrake Point Vineyards talks about "balance."

March 09 2021

In the two earlier installments on "balance", we talked about the importance of balance both in a wine and in life.

You can think of "balance" as "equilibrium." Too much balance can maybe turn out to be boring. But if you spend too much time far away from equilibrium, you might, well, regret that.

So, after a period "far from equilibrium," it can be nice to come back to a steadier place, often assisted with a glass of balanced wine.

Everyday wine consumers may not think too much about whether the wine in their glass is  balanced. But for professional winemakers, balance is one the characteristics they look for first.

In this video Bruce talks with Dave Breeden, head winemaker at Sheldrake Point Vineyards. Dave refers to "balanced" wines as being "in harmony."

Dave Breeden joined Sheldrake Point in 2002 and has been making several wines for Boundary Breaks since 2015. These include the award-winning Riesling Ice Wines, Gewürztraminer and also our reds--Cabernet Franc and Harmonic Red. 

We appreciate Dave not just for his winemaking skills but for his candor and his direct and honest point-of-view about anything you ask him.

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