Vineyard Journal

A Business With No Signs Is a Sign of No Business

But we have to put them on someone else's property.

February 01 2017

Al Mandigo relaxing in his man cave.

We Would Always Make Friends With a Raptor

How to keep the starlings and other pests from the vineyard.

March 01 2017

Morgan Hapeman with one of the raptors she is nursing back to health.

Babette's Feast in Watkins Glen

At Graft, the meal can be transformative.

April 01 2017

Christina McKeough, chef at Graft Restaurant, in Watkins Glen, NY. The Finger Lakes.

Which Came First, the Apple or the Grape?

Neither. They both have been here forever.

May 01 2017

Who Holds The Pen?

When putting anything important down on paper, pay attention to who is holding the pen.

July 01 2017

Emily Pellicano, Architect, of Owego, NY, designed the interior and exterior of the Boundary Breaks Tasting Room and Office while with the firm King + King Architects, of Syracuse, NY.

Stained Glass in the Historical Society Headquarters

As in the great cathedrals in Europe, the stained glass windows create an ethereal light in the church.

October 01 2017

Three Generations at the Golden Buck

The Saturday night prime rib has no equal.

October 01 2017

Harry Mullins (lower left), his mom, Megan Mullins and his grandmother, Carolyn Chamberlain. 2012.

What it Means to Rely on Contract Workers

Years ago, they say, you could find local residents to help. That was then. This is now.

November 01 2017

Felix Mosqueda helped us with our new vineyard planting in 2017.

The Place Where Everyone Goes One Day

If you don't stop at the Big M Supermarket in Ovid, you need to drive at least another 30 minute to find a grocery store.

December 01 2017

Glen Bedore, Meat Cutter, Big M Market, Ovid, NY